Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disneyland No More!

Time for a ridiculously late update to my blog. The last time I posted I was pending for the Walt Disney World College Program without much hope of getting in (or accepting even if I did). Well about a month later I heard back and found out I got accepted! Since they were offering me Hospitality, it was kind of hard to pass up. It's one of the few roles that relates directly to the field I hope to go into once I graduate. So I talked to the college recruiting office at Disney and was able to get an entire refund of my Disneyland fee as well as transfer over to the Disney World program! Of course I was accepted for Fall Advantage, which means I'll be missing an entire semester of school (and more since it includes summer) as well as graduating a semester later. However, I'm totally okay with this since I feel as though it's an amazing opportunity which will open up many more job opportunities when I get back home (it's impossible to get a front desk position without front desk experience!).

Of course the biggest downfall of this switch is being unable to see all of the awesome friends I made in California. I will miss them dearly, but they were also all very supportive and understood why I made this decision. For those curious, I actually did find out my role. If I would have stayed with Disneyland this summer I would have been a Food Service Worker. Now I'm not entirely sure what it is (and the description doesn't really help), but I will say that I don't have much desire to work in a restaurant setting so Hospitality is a much better fit!

My arrival date for Florida is June 6th which is obviously fast approaching. I'm leaving on May 30th to drive down with my cousin (Mackenzie). We're going to spend some time in Disney World since I still have all of my Campus Rep perks (which I had an awesome time doing by the way). Hopefully I do a better job updating my blog this program than I did my last. Either way, I'll still try and post a few times even if it's just general updates.

This blog will hence forth be known as Andrew in Walt Disney World!

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