Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rejected =(

So today I decided to call to check on the status of my application (despite the fact that I had already called on Thursday). After waiting for about 15 minutes, I found out that I had been rejected. Apparently they sent out a letter, but I have yet to receive it. When I asked her why I was rejected, she said my interview wasn't good enough. As if getting rejected wasn't bad enough already, I thought my interview went great and the realization that it was what caused my rejection totally caught me off guard. I did however try and remain as polite as possible since I knew it was likely that I would be applying again (I don't want to leave a bad impression). I wasn't really able to get much more specific answers out of her besides give better answers next time. So I'm pretty depressed now that the rejection has had time to sink in (at first it was just shock).

Luckily during that moment of shock I was able to apply for the Disneyland program and schedule an interview for Monday at 8:45pm. My sister is going to help me practice on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be ready by Monday to fix any mistakes I made in the first one. I am trying to remain positive so that I can nail the interview and get accepted (I realize that the Disneyland program is much more selective).

This blog shall henceforth be known as "Andrew in Disneyland".


  1. Aww sorry you got rejected but keep thinking purple for this upcoming interview relax be yourself and remember to smile =) Good luck and let us know how it goes =)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you got rejected, but I know that you will give an amazing interview on Monday now that you know what they wanted you too work on. I'm so glad you didn't give up and your applying for Disneyland and I bet you're going to do great on Monday. Keep posting, I'm eager to know how it goes and I wish you the best of luck, although I doubt that you need it.