Monday, March 15, 2010

Accepted Vlog and Formspring

Check out my vlog here.

I figured I'd also post the questions I've been asked on my formspring. They're from before I was accepted so they're kind of outdated, but the answers still apply:

How are you feeling about your interview? Positive I hope. by AlyssaJeanesse

I'm pretty positive that my interview went well, but I felt the same way about my WDW interview before I got rejected. I do think I was able to improve on a few things for my DLR interview since I had an idea of what to expect, but the DLRCP is also much more competitive than the WDWCP. I signed up for a bunch of roles, so hopefully that helps. Right now I'm hoping for the best and trying not to let the wait kill me.

What role where you offered/hope for? Do you have a fave attraction?

My #1 role (that I told them in my interview) is Front Desk. However, I think I would actually be more excited for attractions. Front Desk applies to my major more (Hotel & Restaurant Management) which is why I chose it, but I'd love to be in the parks where all the magic is (not that Disney hotels aren't also magical). I'm still in the hope phase right now, so hopefully I hear back soon.

My favorite attraction at DLR is Matterhorn Bobsleds. It's kind of hard to explain, but it has to do with riding it as a child. I went to Disneyland multiple times when I was young, but didn't get to go back again until I was about 14 (I went to WDW much more often). I always had this weird picture in my head of a ride that looked like Space Mountain, but splashed into water at the end. When I finally got back to Disneyland, I realized I was thinking of Matterhorn Bobsleds. I thought it was funny that I had remembered it from so many years ago and it pretty much immediately became my favorite ride after that.

Obviously I was eventually accepted and offered the role of Ticket Seller. I figured I'd post these to remind people that I have a formspring and everyone is free to ask me questions. There's a box on the side of my blog where you can submit your questions, or you can go directly to my profile.


  1. aww loved your vlog! cheesy to say but i think it was fate :b disneyland is going to be so fun :)

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of my interviewer hated me, but fate works too I guess ;-)

    And yes, Disneyland will be awesome!